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5 tips to navigating the SFI Affiliate Center

Your SFI Affiliate Center home page provides you with a wealth of information about the latest SFI news, notices, and statistics; your own to-do list, daily business tips, streaming posts from you and your team members; and much more! It’s truly your one-stop SFI business summary. Consequently, finding your way around this resource is a vital part of your success. Following are some tips to help you navigate your SFI Affiliate Center:

5 tips to navigating the SFI Affiliate Center

1. To quickly return to your homepage page from anywhere at the Affiliate Center, just click the SFI Logo in the header.

2. Not sure where to find something at the Affiliate Center? Use the Sitemap (located in the footer of every page). Tip within a tip: Use your browser’s webpage search (e.g. for Safari, it’s Command-F) to quickly find whatever you’re looking for on the Sitemap.

3. Quickly get to popular places like the Genealogy, the Forum, Support, and the VP Ledger by using Hot Spots menu (designated by a flame icon) found in the main menu bar.

4. To view and learn from Affiliate Manager Snapshots of affiliates on leaderboards, winner’s lists, etc., just click their name.

5. Quick jump to any Zing Network site (TripleClicks, Rewardicals, Localvantia, Eager Zebra, Astro Auctions)—and be automatically logged in—by clicking on the Zing lightening bolt logo in the right side of the main menu bar.

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