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FLX for extra RT…

Know someone with a marketable or in-demand skill? Most of us do! Just refer them to your Flexxity Gateway (https://flexperts.network/26818/sp).

FLX for extra RT...

There, they’ll get a short introduction to the Flexxity program and be encouraged to sign up as a Service Provider and begin making extra cash. Not only will you be helping them get exposure for their business and attract new clients…you’ll also be pocketing 1 Rewardical for every 10 Rewardicals* they dish out to their service customers for life! PLUS…there’s NO LIMIT to how many Rewardicals you can earn each month!

*Requires Level 8 status

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Blast off for big business!

Are you a new SFI affiliate? Ready to get “fully-launched?” The SFI LAUNCHPACK is for you!

Blast off for big business!

Engineered to be the perfect product for new SFI affiliates, LaunchPack comes with SIX awesome “let’s-blast-off!” components:

* 30-days access to ECommergy (w/100 giftable Rewardical tokens)

* 40 mighty TCredits

* 15 New CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)

* Free participation in 10 Astro Auctions

* 50 Rewardical Tokens you can exchange for Silver bullion, TCredits, Bitcoin, and other goodies

* A “Launched!” badge for your SFI badge mantel

WOW! With all these great resources, you’ll be well on your way to some serious earnings in no time.

What’s more, you can get your LaunchPack for as little as $19.98, or 61% off the regular price!

Purchase yours now:


TIP: Order using one of our accepted cryptocurrencies (i.e. Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.) as your payment method, and receive free bonus TCredits!


Buy with Bitcoin, get FREE TCredits!

Use Bitcoin or another one of our approved cryptocurrencies when you purchase a TCD (TripleClicks Direct product) at TripleClicks.com, and you’ll automatically get FREE BONUS TCredits deposited into your TC account!

Buy with Bitcoin, get FREE TCredits!

* Receive 10 FREE TCredits ($5.90 value) with any $20 order
* Receive 20 FREE TCredits ($9.80 value) with any $35 order
* Receive 25 FREE TCredits ($12.25 value) with any $50 order
* Receive 40 FREE TCredits ($15.20 value) with any $75 order
* Receive 60 FREE TCredits ($19.60 value) with any $100 order
* Receive 100 FREE TCredits ($32.00 value) with any $150 order

AND…for any order of $200 or more, you’ll receive 1 FREE TCredit for every dollar spent! Example: Place an order for $262 and you’ll receive 262 FREE TCredits ($83.84 value).

To spend your cryptocurrency at TripleClicks, when checking out, simply choose it as your method of payment and follow the simple directions provided. That’s it!

Don’t have any cryptocurrency? Learn how to get some HERE.



* The bonus TCredits you receive will be based on the amount of your order paid with cryptocurrency. Example: If you pay part of your order using another payment method, you will not earn Bonus TCredits on the portion paid with the other payment method.

* Gift funding is not eligible for the free bonus TCredits.

* At this time, cryptocurrency is not eligible as a payment option for Auto-Delivery orders (though we hope to add this in the future).


Unlock your Building Blocks!

Located on your SFI Affiliate Center homepage, your SFI Building Blocks contain the vital day-to-day knowledge and information you’ll need to succeed in SFI.

Unlock your Building Blocks!

Be sure to review the information on each of your Blocks every day. Then click the button at the bottom of the screen to acknowledge your review, and correctly answer the simple 1-question quiz to unlock your Block and grab a free entry in the Daily Grand contest. You can grab up to SIX free entries in the Daily Grand every day by unlocking all your Building Blocks!


Earn BIG with a Flexxity gig

The gig economy is growing rapidly around the world. Skilled service providers everywhere are making extra money providing services like lawn care, landscaping, pet sitting, graphic design, translation, video editing, and much more.

Earn BIG with a Flexxity gig

And that’s where Flexxity comes in!

Flexxity is a GREAT way for freelancers to connect with individuals and businesses looking for freelancers to get the job done. A listing on Flexxity not only opens you up to a whole new income stream but also lets you earn valuable Rewardicals you can exchange for PSAs, Bitcoin and other goodies. PLUS…it’s FREE if you’re a Level 12 Affiliate or higher!

Register as a Flexxity Service Provider now at: www.Flexxity.com/signup

Need ideas on a Flexxity business to start? Check out 100’s of idea starters HERE.

Learn more about the Flexxity program.


Choose your adventure…

As an SFI Affiliate, YOU get to choose the income stream (or streams) you’re most excited about and make money doing something you love!

Choose your adventure...

Do you enjoy online gaming? Promote our Eager Zebra Games for fun and profit!

Love the thrill of bidding on and winning cool name-brand gadgets, the latest electronics, and other in-demand products? Spread the word about Astro Auctions and make money from other bidders.

Concerned about the environment? Focus on marketing our exclusive super-safe, super-effective Mighty 101 Cleaner, a multi-purpose, planet-friendly cleaning solution safe for the whole family—and available ONLY at your TripleClicks Superstore!

And that’s just the very tip of the iceberg on all the ways you can earn with SFI! Explore ALL your earnings options HERE and get tips, free training, marketing aids, forums, and other resources to help you get your business up and running!


A FREE monthly boost to your downline

Re-qualify as an EA or above before the 10th of the month and get 10 additional new CSAs added to your team! This Executive Speed Bonus (ESB) will be IN ADDITION to the standard monthly Bonus CSAs that EAs and above normally qualify for.

A FREE monthly boost to your downline

Check out your Benefits Chart for information on all SFI rank perks and bonuses.

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The Rewardical Consignment Program

Do you have products or gift cards that you’d like to have listed on the Rewardical Exchange? Consider our exclusive consignment program! Every day, our members all over the world are earning tens of thousands of Rewardical tokens and are looking for great items to exchange them for. Your products may be just what they’re looking for!

The Rewardical Consignment Program

Apply HERE for our Rewardical Consignment Program.

TIP: Closeout items are great for listing on the Rewardical Exchange!

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FLX for extra SVP…

Did you know your Affiliate Center homepage FLX tab gives you the opportunity to earn an SVP (Sales VersaPoint) every day of every month? That’s up to an additional 365 additional SVP each year!

FLX for extra SVP...

There are THREE ways you can earn this daily SVP from the FLX tab:

1. Refer an approved Flexxity SP (Service Provider).
Note: The referral must have occurred in the last 30 days. Note that your existing PRMs and PSAs (persons who are personally referred by you) who become SPs also meet the requirement!

2. Use the services of a current Flexxity SP.
Note: You must have used and paid for the service in the last 30 days.

3. Be an active Flexxity SP.
Note: You must be a currently approved SP and have generated a completed sale in the last 30 days.

And that’s just the beginning of the rewards you can get from the Flexxity program! Learn more about how to earn big with Flexxity HERE.

Get more SFI Power Tips inside your account here: https://www.sfimg.com/Home/Tips


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