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SFI Testimonials (Honest Reviews)

“It’s quite refreshing to know that I am on the right path to success. I am so excited about it, and I can’t wait to attain EA position. Thanks to SFI!”

R. Shival, Nigeria R. Shival, Nigeria

“SFI is the only system I have found that does not require money up front to get started. I signed up for SFI without spending money and spent several days reading through the plethora of information, which is well thought out and explained in plain language. I am really looking forward to running with this […]

S. Silayo, Tanzania S. Silayo, Tanzania

“SFI is the only platform that shows you exactly what you need to know before starting. You get a lot of help and attention from SFI veterans and the company itself. It is so simple and direct.”

E. Wacera, Kenya E. Wacera, Kenya

“SFI is a wonderful program. Not only does it open the way to advance and earn money but it helps us learn different types of management and assist us to grow our businesses.”

W. Pkiyach, Kenya W. Pkiyach, Kenya

“SFI is the real deal for anyone who is searching for a genuine home-based business with very little cost to run but tons of valuable materials to help you run it. To me, SFI is not just a place to make money, but a powerful resource and social center. I am happy and grateful to […]

J. MAKEK, Croatia J. MAKEK, Croatia

“I am just beginning with SFI, and I’m very excited! I have received a lot of help from my team, and I’m exploring SFI with increasing confidence in the program. There is so much available to help me learn about SFI and get started right now. Thank to my team and SFI.”

J. E’Reddy, India J. E'Reddy, India

SFI is fantastic and interesting. It gives one the opportunity to learn from a wide range of resource materials.”

J. AJIBOLU, Nigeria J. AJIBOLU, Nigeria

“I love having the freedom of being involved in an online business that honestly teaches you everything you need to know to be successful. SFI has the best training and learning tools with real people that are there to help, assist and support “YOU” in every direction. Thanks SFI!”

L. Wright, United States L. Wright, United States

“I love working with SFI. I have worked with many other businesses over the last 30 years. SFI is the best. They are the only ones who provide the training, support, platform, and cross communication…for FREE. Truly anyone who is willing to do the work, and not give up, will succeed. I am so pleased […]

A. Susilawati, Indonesia A. Susilawati, Indonesia

“SFIMG has given ample proof that it is a real source of extra income online. SFI is not a GET RICH OVERNIGHT SCHEME; it takes time to build the business, but it is worth all the time and hard work.”

P. RAJAN, India P. RAJAN, India

“SFI is so awesome. Each day I log in to do my tasks, I learn more. The step-by-step training is one of the best things about SFI. After about 48 hours from joining, I became an SFI Executive Affiliate (EA). There is so much helpful information, that the only way to fail is not to […]

G. Ugboma, Nigeria G. Ugboma, Nigeria

“SFI is the only system I have found that does not require money up front to get started. SFI provides everything you need to succeed. My downline is growing daily, and more and more people are realizing how great SFI is. Use one stone to kill many birds: The SFI system should be your stone […]

S. Rahman, United States S. Rahman, United States

“Many times I’ve tried other online offer before I found SFI. I am amazed with the program. All you have to do is read, learn, apply, and duplicate. Easy to follow system with great supportive Team Leaders. SFI is one of the only companies open to everyone in the world!”

W. SERIOSO, Philippines W. SERIOSO, Philippines

“SFI an Internet business you can TRUST! It really works! It provides a high technology program but with friendly-user platform. I am glad I found SFI as a real money-making opportunity that can keep you busy after retirement.”

P. Ramirez, Philippines P. Ramirez, Philippines

“I knew absolutely nothing about Internet marketing or running a business online before joining SFI three years ago. Today, I’m an expect building multiple income streams both locally and internationally, just using the countless training materials and resources from SFI. I love it here!”

D. Afflu Jnr., Ghana D. Afflu Jnr., Ghana

“SFI is a life saver. I have literally put thousands of dollars into useless schemes. I am 63 and wanting to retire…If only I had found SFI earlier.”

P. Ortmueller, Australia P. Ortmueller, Australia

“SFI is by far the best program that I have had the pleasure of being a part of. The training materials are really helpful and to the point. You get everything in a clear cut format that I feel most people would easily understand. I know the sky is the limit being part of this […]

J. Lumpkin, United States J. Lumpkin, United States

“SFI is one of the most robust and comprehensive online marketing platform with multiple income streams and opportunities for their affliates to earn systematically.”

M. Iqbal, Pakistan M. Iqbal, Pakistan

“Wow! What an amazing experience I’m having with SFI in my first 2 months. I am really enjoying working with SFI. Fabulous training materials for new affiliates and fantastic support by my upline SFI team.”

R. Sridhar, India R. Sridhar, India

“I am just beginning with SFI, and I’m very excited! I have received a lot of help, and I’m exploring SFI with increasing confidence in the program. There is so much available to help me learn about SFI and get started off right. Thank you.”

J. Joel, Kenya J. Joel, Kenya

“Anything you want requires an effort. SFI gives you the opportunity to improve your income thanks to its programs. The only thing that you have to do is perceive and want to succeed.”

M. Cerrato A., Honduras M. Cerrato A., Honduras

“SFI is the best thing ever happen to me! I’ve been around the block with network marketing and SFI blows all of them away. The biggest reason is because of the training, daily things to do, the easy way to communicate and train your downline, and written out training plans. I’ve never seen anything like […]

W. Homsi, United States W. Homsi, United States

“I have been searching for online business from last 5 years and could not succeed. Today, I am a part of very good system, and it is 100% genuine and crystal clear. SFI is a good revenue generating system and also a very good learning system. A little effort and dedication will help you to […]

A. B, India A. B, India

“In the beginning, I was very skeptical and decided to wait until I knew for sure that SFI works before recommending it to other people. Now I regret not joining earlier! You will have to do some work and log in everyday, but this will be time well-spent. SFI IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

P. Kumar, India P. Kumar, India

“If you are looking to start a home based business and you are willing to work every day to make that dream come true, then SFI is the vehicle to reach success. If you can dream big and work hard, nothing is out of your reach.”

B. Blankenship, United States B. Blankenship, United States

“This is the most lucrative online business that anyone can think of. Enhance your income by doing tasks on your to-do list and watch your business grow like a tree.”

O. Joshua, Nigeria O. Joshua, Nigeria

“It is tough to find a company with integrity and low maintenance costs in this industry. SFI has been around for years for the simple reason that their Affiliates love them and they remain in the program month after month! That is because SFI has integrity and a low cost of continued ownership. Plus there […]

S. Early, United States S. Early, United States

“SFI is the most awesome and amazing free online business that I have ever come across. I love the system and every part of the program. You can meet people from all over the world and the atmosphere is great. Most of my upline are role models to me, and that is the other reason […]

M. Mali (माळी), India M. Mali (माळी), India

“SFI is a real deal, no upfront payments, no monthly subscriptions. ALL is required is your time and any device that connects to the Internet and persistence.”

C. M Idowu, United Kingdom C. M Idowu, United Kingdom

“I am truly thankful and grateful for being part of such an amazing community of people all over the world. Through SFI, I am well on my way to earning an income that will allow me to retire soon. Thank you Gery and the entire SFI team for helping so many people across the world […]

A. Issack, Kenya A. Issack, Kenya

“SFI is really an awesome site, especially for beginner marketers with little money. It’s totally free and has a lot to offer, such as Tripleclicks.com where you can find lots of products at very reasonable prices. I’m really enjoying being part of this company and happy I was given this opportunity!”

M. Williams, United States M. Williams, United States

“SFI is provides a platform where SFI helping people who never thought they could be entrepreneurs to learn all they need to start building a successful business on the Internet. I am a serial entrepreneur, but I have never had so much fun starting a new business! And it has never been so easy! SFI […]

M. Azam, Canada M. Azam, Canada

“SFI is the best when it comes to online business. It provides you with all the tools and information to grow in business. What’s more appealing is that these resources are free! All you need to do is put in your effort and you’re in for a good ride to success! Thank you, SFI!”

E. Akhigbe, Nigeria E. Akhigbe, Nigeria

“SFI is the best online business. It is FREE. You work on your OWN TIME. I have LEARNED how to be more CONFIDENT on the Internet. I have learned TIME MANAGEMENT. I have learned to be PATIENT. The best part is I am not alone as I build my business. Thank you SFI.”

S. Gowda, India S. Gowda, India

“SFI really gives me a lot of joy, hope, and excitement. I look forward to my SFI business tasks everyday. A lot of support is readily available. All you need is your dedication and determination.”

A. KULLU, India A. KULLU, India

“Today I am celebrating 2 years with SFI. I had NO experience in Internet marketing, NO money, NO support, and NO promise of success. Through the tools and training of SFI, I have managed to build a team of 2,000+, increase commissions by 335% in my 2nd year, win Class Championship in my first year […]

W. Ireland, United States W. Ireland, United States

“SFI is one of the best affiliate programs around. I have tried some others in the past, but never follow through. SFI has a “Launchpad” of lessons that make it easy for all newcomers and the best possible chance to succeed.”

D. Brown, United States D. Brown, United States

“One of the good things about My SFI business is that I can be anywhere in the world and still log in and complete my daily actions. All you need is an Internet connection and enough energy to hold your head up for 30 minutes and the willingness to complete your tasks. This is why […]

S. T D, India S. T D, India

“I joined SFI, studied, learned and worked hard to build my business (all for FREE), and after two years I am already earning a monthly income more than the salary I am getting from my regular job. I worked hard when I just started my SFI business, but now I only work for one hour […]

M. Vibar, Philippines M. Vibar, Philippines

“After nearly two years trying to find the right Web-based program that would train me and help me when I was stuck for an answer, and after spending about $15,000.00 in the process, I was about to give up, when I discovered SFI. After almost a year with SFI I have a good downline, I’m […]

J. Gilman, United States J. Gilman, United States

“Awesome! I came across SFI while online searching for job. I decided to register, and since then I have been much happier. It has been fun! Learning makes it interesting and making money in it makes it more enjoyable. More importantly, SFI is an opportunity to help others grow. I’m happy to join this laudable […]

A. Ukoro, Nigeria A. Ukoro, Nigeria

“I just recently started SFI, and I am an Executive Affiliate already just by following simple steps. It really is a great program, and I look forward to being with this company for a long time. Thanks SFI!”

R. Myers, United States R. Myers, United States

“SFI is everything it claims to be. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a way to be financially independent.”

S. Moka, India S. Moka, India

“SFI has done a good job of broadening my knowledge of Internet marketing in a special way. This has helped and daily continues to shape my approach to trade and business in general…I will forever be grateful for discovering Strong Future International.”

M. Otiang’a, Kenya M. Otiang'a, Kenya

“I have searched high and low for an online bussines until I came across SFI. What an awesome find. Great support, excellent business opportunity, and the beauty of it all is no up front fees. SFI, you rock.”

S. M, India S. M, India

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