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Build a powerful team with SFI Powerline

Do you REALLY want to build a powerful team that will stand the test of time? The SFI Powerline program can help.

Build a powerful team with SFI Powerline

“Powerlining” is based on building lines straight down, one person after another. Simply put, Powerlines are all about LEVERAGE…and the power that leverage can generate for the generations you are paid directly on.

To start your Powerline now, simply go to the Powerline Report and click the “Start Powerline” button and follow the simple directions to get a Powerline key code. Next, just start using that key code in your marketing. The sign-ups you generate will automatically be placed in this Powerline, one after another, and we’ll notify you of each sign-up via email. By using the Powerline Report, you can see exactly how the line is forming and the activity of all its members. You can also contact all your sign-ups directly from the Powerline Report.


Learn more about how to use Powerlining to create a lucrative income and a strong, growing SFI team in this Forum thread.

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