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Get the MOST from your up-and-coming leaders!

Getting the most from your up-and-coming leaders is about quality, not quantity…and the power of duplication.

Get the MOST from your up-and-coming leaders!

Many SFI affiliates sponsor dozens, even hundreds of affiliates and never see great success.


The fact is, you don’t need to sponsor tons of affiliates to be successful. Rather, you simply need to sponsor a handful of good people who DUPLICATE what you do.

Yes, regularly sponsoring new affiliates is very important, but it should not be 100% of what you do. At least 50% of your time and effort should be spent working with those who you’ve already sponsored, teaching them how to do what you do.

Have you ever said to yourself, “Gee, if I just had a few people just like me!”?

Indeed, this is the key. And the way you “clone” yourself is by identifying your affiliates who show serious interest and then working with them any way you can to get them fully engaged and active.

How do you identify these future leaders? You can start by contacting every affiliate you sponsor who completes the Affiliate Profile. You can identify these future go-getters by looking in your Genealogy.

So what should you say to the affiliates you’ve identified? A very simple and direct message would work nicely; something like this:


Dear John,

In reviewing my reports of active affiliates in my group, I noticed your name.

John, one of the most important things I do is help develop future leaders in my group. The fact is, I can only be successful if the affiliates I sponsor are successful. Therefore, I make myself available in any way I can to help support those in my group who I believe have potential.

If you are serious about building a successful and profitable business with SFI, please let me know. There are many ways I can help you so let me hear from you, and we’ll get started.


Your Name
Your contact information


IMPORTANT TIP: Even the most well-written message will do you no good if it never arrives in your affiliate’s e-mail inbox. Make sure your welcome letters and other messages don’t fall prey to the various spam filters used by all e-mail hosts. These filters typically identify words (especially if used repeatedly in an e-mail) they deem likely used in spam. Fortunately, there are numerous free online tools you can use to help ensure your messages don’t get flagged as spam and instead reach your recipient’s inbox as intended. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend you check each of your messages using two or more of these checkers:

* Glock Apps
* Litmus
* Mail-Tester

For more tips and ideas generating duplication, see this Support page.

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