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Live chat with your SFI affiliate team now

Find and communicate with your team members currently online and logged in to the Affiliate Center…Just look for the green “chat status ball” on your Genealogy report, on the My Movers page, on Affiliate Snapshots, and on your Upline Team page. Just click the green ball to initiate an online conversation with that affiliate.

Live chat with your SFI affiliate team now

A few tips:

1. If you’re chatting with a person who’s primary language is different than your own, keep Google Translate open in another browser window so you can cut and paste text as needed to translate your conversation.

2. When initiating contact with downline members, focus on how you can help them. Support and assist your downline, and you will build a stronger, more profitable group.

3. You don’t have to wait until an affiliate is online to initiate a chat. Your chat message will be waiting for your affiliate the next time he/she logs in to the Affiliate Center.

NOTE: The “Chat Status Ball” may display in the following ways:

* Gray outlined (hollow) ball = not online
* Green ball = online
* Green ball with exclamation point = online and chat initiated/waiting for you to respond
* Gray ball with exclamation point = offline and chat initiated/waiting for you to respond

TIP: For a concise list all the free communication tools SFI has available for you to reach out to your team, check out this Launchpad Lesson.

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