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Experience SFI’s Astro “rocket ride” today

We want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to experience the Astro “rocket ride” first-hand. That’s why any member who hasn’t yet tried Astro has ONE FREE TICKET to an auction of their choice.

Experience SFI's Astro rocket ride today

How it works: At the top of each hour, one of the auctions listed on the Auctions index (https://www.tripleclicks.com/Astro/) will have a “BID FREE” button. When you see it, just click the button to enter that auction and the opportunity to win:

* The item being auctioned* (“Quantum” prize)
* The 500 Rewardicals Pick-The-Bid jackpot
* The 1000 Rewardicals “Rocket Box” jackpot
* The minimum 1000 Rewardicals “Supernova” jackpot

In addition to the above prizes, you’re guaranteed to win a minimum of 11 free Rewardicals and multiple other Constellation Prizes!

All 100% FREE and with no obligation!

Note: If no free bids are available, keep trying, six will be offered, first come first serve, every hour. Of course, you can always try Astro anytime for just one TCredit.

*In the case of a PG (Product Group) auction, the Quantum prize winner may choose from among all the items in the group.

Learn more about Astro Auctions at:


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