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Using your block list for better communication skills

Have some of your affiliates blocked your messages? Don’t let it get you down. Rather, use it as a “teaching moment” to become a better communicator and team leader!

Using your block list for better communication skills

Start by regularly accessing your Block List. In the light gray box on the page, you’ll see the statistics of those who have blocked YOU. Click the “See reasons for blocks” link to view the reasons these affiliates decided to block you, paying particular attention to frequent and repeated complaints. Then, keep those reasons in the forefront of your mind when creating team newsletters and other communications to your affiliates.

For example, before you send out a mailing to a large group of people, check to see if anyone has blocked you and the reasons given. Depending on this feedback, you MAY need to change your tone, leave certain topics out, or improve your writing in some fashion to reduce future affiliates blocking you.

That said, do NOT get hung up on a few people opting out and complaining about your messages. You will never please everyone, and it is a recipe for lifetime unhappiness to try! But if your opt-out numbers are significant (percentage-wise), you should definitely take heed. The last thing you want to be doing is turning off your team with inappropriate messages. So DO listen to the feedback and take action when it’s warranted.

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