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Are you using SFI’s communication tools?

Relying primarily on email to communicate with your team can come back to bite you. People routinely change email addresses, abandon email inboxes, or don’t check their email often. In addition, valid email messages may end up in someone’s spam folder though no fault of your own. What this means is that many of those important messages, newsletters, and notices you’re sending may not ever be seen by your team members.

Are you using SFI's communication tools?

However, as an SFI Affiliate, you have several free tools available to help ensure your PSAs see your messages. These include your SFI Inbox, Stream posts, SFI Instant Messaging, private forums, and more. Check out SFI Communication Tools in this LaunchPad Lesson. Then start using them on a regular basis, in addition to your usual email messages. Chances are, affiliates who are checking their Affiliate Center regularly will see your messages. They may also update bad or obsolete email addresses and start checking their email inboxes more often for news from you and SFI.

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